• Look

    Does the patient appear unwell? Changes in weight since last visit Appear heavier? Thinner? Changes in hair texture/thickness? Appearing hot/cold? Does the patient look fatigued?

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  • Recognize

    Ensure that patient undergoes thyroid function tests prior to first dose, every 12 weeks while on PD-1 therapy and q3 weeks with ipilimumab High TSH with low free T4 consistent with primary hypothyroidism DDX: secondary hypothyroidism due to hypophysitis, low TSH and low free T4 Occasionally thyroiditis with transient hyperthyroidism (low TSH and high free

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  • Listen

    Appetite/weight changes? Hot or cold intolerance? Change in energy, mood, or behavior? Palpitations? Increased fatigue? Bowel-related changes? Constipation/diarrhea Skin-related changes? Dry/oily

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