Past offerings (available for review, not credit):

New interactive CME/CE activity! Stage IV Melanoma: Strategies to Support Shared Decision Making

With an expanded array of therapeutic options for Stage IV melanoma, clinicians must grapple with increased complexity for decision making. This multimedia, interactive activity, Stage IV Melanoma: Strategies to Support Shared Decision Making  uses cases to illustrate state-of-the art management of Stage IV melanoma. The activity also illustrates how to use the AIM at Melanoma Stage IV melanoma decision-making support tool Stage IV melanoma decision-making support tool and Patient Action Plans to support shared decision making. The esteemed faculty, Drs Anna Pavlick and Sunandana Chandra, also illustrate effective communication strategies and multidisciplinary approaches to provide streamlined care and consistent education and patient engagement across the oncology care team.

CME/CE on BRAF/MEK Inhibitor Therapy for Melanoma

Join our esteemed faculty—Krista M. Rubin, RN, MS, FNP-BC, and Ryan J. Sullivan, MD—as they explore optimal incorporation of targeted therapy in melanoma. This case addresses BRAF testing, appropriate use of BRAF/MEK inhibitor therapy, the profiles of the 3 targeted therapy options, side-effect management, and adherence/pharmacologic considerations.

CME/CE on interdisciplinary care for management of complex irAEs.

JCO Oncology Practice (JCO OP) CME/CE/CPE supplement using cases to illustrate optimal interdisciplinary management of immune-related adverse events, Immuno-Oncology Essentials: Applications in Clinical Scenarios.

Melanoma Therapeutics and Side-Effect Management: Making a Difference from the Outset 

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A new JADPRO CE supplement on the management of immune-related adverse events, Immuno-Oncology Therapy Essentials: Proactive Management of Immune-Related Adverse Events. is a dedicated portal of continuing education initiatives in cancer.