• Look

    Does the patient look unwell? Fatigued? Diaphoretic? SOB or in respiratory distress? Is there leg edema?

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  • Listen

    Change in energy level? SOB or DOE? Leg edema? Palpitations? Changes in BP? Dizziness or syncope? What exacerbates or improves symptoms? Any new prescribed or OTC meds? Illicit substances? Any underlying cardiac disease (CAD, MI, or other)? What exacerbates or improves symptoms? Prior radiation therapy?

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  • Recognize

    Determine specific toxicity and related grade (if applicable) Other related symptoms: hypotension, syncope, chest pain, DOE, SOB, palpitations, edema, etc. Impact of symptoms on QOL/performance status Changes in cardiac function: ECG changes, decreased EF, elevated cardiac enzymes (troponin, CK) Assess other changes in oxygen saturation, BP, lung function

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