About the Melanoma Hub

The melanoma hub is just that— a hub of resources to assist health care providers as well as patients and caregivers in obtaining the best outcomes from melanoma therapies. The site includes resources for a US audience as well as content that has been customized for a range of international audiences.

The site contains:

  • Decision support tools
  • Provider toolkits
  • Videos for both providers and patients
  • Care Step Pathways for managing side effects of melanoma therapies
  • Action plans for patients
  • Testing guidance
  • Content on checkpoint inhibitors, targeted therapies, and bispecific T-cell engagers
  • Content customized for International audiences

This resources here have been developed by Terranova Medica, LLC. This site is produced in collaboration with Skin Cancer Consortium for Advocacy, Research & Education. Please see the non-melanoma skin cancer site, skincancerinfo.org, for information about other skin cancers.