• Look

    Does the patient appear uncomfortable? Did the patient have difficulty walking to the exam room? Or going up stairs? Does the patient appear short of breath? Is the patient tachypneic? Does the patient appear to be in respiratory distress?

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  • Recognize

    Is the pulse oximetry low? Is it lower than baseline or compared with last visit? Is it low on exertion? Is there a pre-existing pulmonary autoimmune condition (i.e., sarcoidosis)? Is there a history of prior respiratory compromise (e.g., asthma, COPD, congestive heart failure)? Has the patient experienced other immune-related adverse effects?

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  • Listen

    Has the patient noted any change in breathing? Does the patient feel short of breath? Does the patient note new dyspnea on exertion? Does the patient notice a new cough? Or a change in an existing cough? Have symptoms worsened? Are symptoms limiting ADLs? Associated symptoms? Fatigue Wheezing

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