New! Primer on Decision Making for Stage II Melanoma
The primer covers common questions about Stage II melanoma, which Stage II patients are eligible for adjuvant therapy, and the pros and cons of adjuvant therapy vs active surveillance.

This resource should help you or your loved one, in conjunction with your oncology care team, make an informed decision about steps to take after surgery.
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New! HCP and Patient Action Plans Learn about targeted therapies for melanoma with customized content for France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, & Spain.

Downloadable PDFs for providers and patients.
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New! Stage IV Melanoma Treatment Options
Customized content for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, & the UK.

This downloadable educational guide can be used to facilitate shared-decision making in Stage IV melanoma.
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Melanoma resources for the healthcare professional The Melanoma Hub

Care Step Pathways

Step-by-step assessment and management guides for notable AEs associated with newer melanoma therapies

HCP Toolkits

Online and downloadable quick and easy resources to advance the nursing care of melanoma patients

Printable Patient Materials

Educate and engage patients with information on specific therapies

HCP Consensus
Statements From CJON

Practical approaches to help melanoma patients achieve optimal benefit from therapies

International Resources

Content customized for international regions for both providers and patients


Stay up to date on melanoma patient care with free online education modules and events

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Video Portal: short side-effect management snippets